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Your Multi-Specialty Pharmacy!

JCAHO Accredited

Welcome to CompreCare, the leading resource in patient-centered pharmaceuticals. We recognize that one size does not fit all, which is why we provide customized medications that facilitate maximum patient care. Our specialty pharmacy features all of the major brands and specialty drugs. You can trust us to synchronize our service with the efforts of your providers to ensure premium care throughout your course of treatment.

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

Complimentary and alternative medicines are becoming more and more mainstream in the U.S., with most reputable health institutions like Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic embracing their therapies. More people are choosing natural medicine in an effort to reduce stress and also improve the outcomes of conventional medications. In fact, as many as one in every two adults have used some form of complimentary or alternative medicine or therapy, which has created a “new” segment of the medical field known as integrative medicine...Read More


CompreCare is a privately owned corporation based in Huntington, West Virginia and continuously operated since 1982. The Company was founded and incorporated originally as Pharmacy Associates, Inc., DBA Total Life Care by Joseph Frank McClendon Jr. and, Thomas E. Menighan

During the early years of Menighan’s Medicine Shoppe in Huntington, he learned that his wife Jeanie had a recurrence of an earlier ovarian tumor. After surgery, her chemotherapy left her unable to ...... Read More

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